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3 Legged Thing is proud to introduce...


As with all tripod manufacturers, 3 Legged Thing has undertaken to produce the ultimate lightweight tripod. For the last three decades, engineers and designers alike have pounded away at theoretical mathematics and quantum physics to create the optimum combination of stability vs weight.

We at 3 Legged Thing believe we have the solution. It is with great pride, and no small measure of excitement, that we introduce you to our latest range of camera support solutions for professionals of every genre - Project Icarus.

And A Tripod In A Pear Tree...

We have taken our award winning Equinox & Eclipse series design, hermetically sealed it, filled it with British Helium, and added pressure valves at the feet and base of the central column, to enable a balanced, neutrally buoyant tripod to suit any occasion.

The Carry Companion

With a weight of just -11.3kg / -24.9 lb, the Icarus will assist in carrying the rest of your gear. Perfect for those long hikes and hard-to-reach locations.

The Sky's The Limit

Never before have ordinary photographers been able to shoot at such extraordinary heights. The possibilities are limited only by the range of your cable release or remote trigger system.

Tether It Down

Thanks to the unique construction of 3 Legged Thing tripods, your new Icarus can be tethered to the ground or any grounded object (though you should avoid dogs and marsupials)*.

*Buddy is a highly trained stunt dog. Please don't try this at home.

Macro Wizardry

If you're one of those photographers that inverts their centre column to get their camera low to the ground, imagine how much easier this becomes with Icarus!

British Helium

Sourced from fossilised dinosaur wind, and processed at sustainable Helium farms, Project Icarus is environmentally friendly, and creates jobs locally. 
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