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Ask Megan: Tripod Anatomy

Like most things you will find in the 3LT HQ Chicken Shed, not all of our tripod parts are normal. Therefore this month I wanted to run a crash course on our bits! (Tripod bits of course…) Below are some diagrams covering everything from head to toe and all that’s in-between for our Punks and Pro ranges. 



Clawz (Footwear)


-“Clawz, ideal for gripping ice/rocks or to spread the load over maleable surfaces like snow and sand.”


Punks Range anatomy…

Corey (Punks)

–  “Punks Tripod Corey, the perfect combination of weight, size and capability for photographers of all genres and abilities.”


Stagsden Washers, designed in Stagsden, England, Earth… 

Stagsden Washer

– “Stagsden Washer, you can find these on the feet, these help to keep the feet secure on the tripod and stops the feet loosening.”


Chicken Lips… (No chickens were harmed in the making of this product.) 

Chicken Lip

– “Chicken lips, the plastic shim inside the leg to stop it spinning around.”


Our Pro Range anatomy…


– “Pro Range Leo Kit, Leo closes the gap between compact travel and professional tripod systems.”


If you have any questions regarding the diagrams below or any queries relating to products please contact us via email:


Megan x

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