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Published on January 12th, 2020 | by Alison Barclay


Ask Neil: Warranty Claims Made Easy


When you make an original purchase of any 3 Legged Thing product you will automatically qualify for a 5 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Over here at the Chicken Shed we’re very proud of the quality of our product design and engineering standards and this is reflected in the service and aftercare we can give you.

Sometimes, unexpected things can happen… it’s usually those pesky chickens! If you’ve found something that’s unexpectedly gone wrong then I’m here for you. To make it even easier, I wanted to cover some of the basics of what to do when things go wrong…

Making a Warranty Claim:

If you’ve discovered something on your tripod, monopod or accessories which isn’t right then immediately get in touch with me via our support email: support@3leggedthing.com.

I’m here to sort things out as quick as possible and there’s a few things that you can prepare for your warranty claim to get your product back to full awesomenessness:

  • Take a photo or a short video of any fault and attach this to your e-mail via an attachment or a sharing link. This helps me to understand your fault and provide the best troubleshooting advice, replacement parts or arrange a repair.
  • Attach a digital copy or screenshot of your proof of purchase. All warranties are validated by the original proof of purchase/receipt and this might also display some useful info (i.e. model numbers) if you’re not totally sure.
  • Include your best shipping address. Then I know the correct address to send any replacement parts needed to bring your product back to full functionality once again.

Limitations to Warranty Claims:

It’s important to keep your gear in tip-top shape. That means regular tripod cleaning and maintenance, and performing some basic tripod checks to make sure removable parts are attached properly before use. If you need any advice on proper tripod care and maintenance then familiarize yourself with these steps: https://www.3leggedthing.com/news/ask-megan-cleaning-and-tripod-maintenance/

Parts which can be deliberately detached, such as; release plates, camera screws, mounting plates, threaded bolts, threaded sleeves, monopod legs, centre columns, ball heads, d-rings and all footwear types, are warranted only against manufacturing defect, and not against loss as the result of use or transportation.

Faults which are not the result of manufacturing defects, such as superficial scratches or blemishes caused by use, or faults resulting from poor maintenance, are not covered by your warranty.

And as always, the golden rule: Don’t ever use WD-40 or other solvents on your tripod or monopod!

Troubleshooting, Replacement Parts and Repairs:

The nature of the fault might need a little diagnosis depending on how easy it is to identify the fault and how the fault can be fixed. From your initial contact I’ll assess the fault and identify the cause, that’s step one. I might need to get back in touch with a few questions, or steps for you to attempt yourself, that will make it perfectly clear exactly what’s wrong or what the fault is.

This brings us to step two – getting the replacement parts you need to fix the issue. I’ll make this happen and provide you with some brief instructions to remove any damaged parts related to manufacturing defects and how to replace them. This will be back up with some helpful video guides from our Support and FAQ section. You can find a full series of “How To” videos which cover basic tripod use and servicing here: https://www.3leggedthing.com/how-to

Step three is repairs/servicing – If I’m not able to determine the cause of any defects relating to the manufacturing faults via e-mail, or the repair isn’t totally straight-forward, then it might be best to have the product returned to us at the Chicken Shed. I have access to all sorts of replacement parts covered by your warranty, clever gadgets, and the knowledge to give your product a full going over, making any repairs on-site and finishing this off with a full servicing to make sure your tripod or monopod will be returned to you as good as new.

All these repairs and replacements are covered free of charge under our 5 year and 1 day manufacturer’s warranty. You can find out about warranty information from our website here: https://www.3leggedthing.com/faq

Never leave it too long to get in touch. Keep your tripod well maintained, learn how troubleshoot your basic issues, get to grips with our modular technology, and you’ll never need to replace a broken tripod ever again!

Signing off,

Your personal tripod guru.

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