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Pro Team Leanne Cole Pro Team member

Published on September 6th, 2019 | by Alison Barclay


Pro Team: Leanne Cole

Our Pro Team are a fantastic group of talented photographers, many of whom have used 3 Legged Thing tripods and accessories for several years. Each month we introduce you to a different member of the team.

We recently welcomed our fabulous new Pro-Team member, Leanne Cole to the 3 Legged Thing family. Leanne is a Melbourne-based fine art photographer who has a love for long exposures. Along with capturing architectural images in the city or photographing the local coast and countryside, Leanne is also well known for mentoring other photographers both in person and online. Leanne has also created a giant game of “Where’s the watermark?” for those who follow her work closely… Good luck finding them!

What is your earliest memory of handling a camera?

 “My earliest memory of a camera was one my mother had. It was a weird thing that had a big flash attached that you had to change the bulbs in. However, when I was ten my grandmother gave me a plastic camera that looked like a SLR and you took the photo by pressing a lever on the side of the lens. I have tried to find images of it, but the only thing I can find is the Diana camera. I know it wasn’t one of those, but it was similar. I wasn’t really allowed to take too many photos as it was expensive.”

Wanaka Sunrise

– “Wanaka Tree. Image taken with the Fujifilm X-T3 and XF18-135mm lens, using the 3 Legged Thing Billy Tripod and Formatt Hitech filters.”


Was there a single event that made you decide to become a professional photographer?

 “There wasn’t any single thing. It was more that I was looking to do something that meant I could still look after my children. Slowly it changed over time. I like working my own hours and from home. I like teaching and meeting people. It is perfect for me.”  


– “City, long-exposure. Melbourne South Wharf boat builders.” 


What is your favourite location to capture?

 “I love Melbourne and the area around it. When I travel away I can’t wait to get back. The city is fantastic. but I also love the coastal areas. The country is fantastic, so different to many other parts of the world. I love photographing home. I am a strong believer that photographing home gives you all the advantages and none of the disadvantages.”

Milford Sound New Zealand

– ” Milford sound – New Zealand long exposure of clouds.” 

Social media – love it or hate it?


 Favourite camera you have ever used or owned, and why?

 “I love the Nikon D850. It has been an amazing camera to own and use. Although I have recently converted to Fujifilm. I used the X-T3 on my recent trip to New Zealand and loved it, I have since been given an X-T3 and a 10-24mm lens.”  

Melboune City Scape 

– “Melbourne City Scape” 


What’s in your kit bag?

“Well, my camera, of course.  I rarely go anywhere without my Formatt Hitech filters. I also have my remote shutter and various tools for when gear needs to be tightened and what not.

 “A tripod is nearly always attached to the outside of it as well. I rarely go anywhere without one these days.”

– “Long exposure of Glenorchy tree’s, New Zealand.”


Name 5 essential items in your photography bag.

“Camera, 10-24mm lens, filters, remote shutter release and tripod.”

All photos: ©Leanne Cole

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