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Meet our team


    • Rebecca Bathory

      Fine Art Photographer

      Making a Living From Weirdness. Finding beauty in darkness, poetry and meaning in the forgotten and surreal, imaginary worlds amongst decay.

    • Mark Salmon

      Advertising and Editorial Photographer

      Mark works with a range of advertising & editorial clients such as NME, Rolling Stone Russia, Rugby League & Channel4, and recently won an Honourable Mention at 2015 International Photography Awards.

    • Martin Forster

      Travel & Portrait Photographer

      Inspired by the people he photographs,Martin spend all the time I have working on free projects in conflict zones or countries with a difficult social environment.

    • Kirsty Mitchell

      Fine Art Photographer

      Kirsty Mitchell is a world record breaking fine art photographer. The first ever female fine arts ambassador for Nikon, and author of the highest grossing photography book on Kickstarter, in history.

    • Ben Von Wong

      Epic Photographer

      His hyper-realistic art style captures viewers around the world in a fusion of special effects and innovative concepts and execution.

    • Tom Barnes

      Portrait Photographer

      Tom Barnes is one of the UK's most prominent music and commercial portrait photographers, covering clients as diverse as Queen and Specsavers

    • Ash Youd

      Music Photographer

      Working with the world's biggest DJs across events and festivals around the world. From Ultra Miami to Tomorrowlands, Creamfields & EDC.

    • Paul Harries

      Music Photographer

      Famed for his rock portraits, and a decade of images covering metal legends Slipknot, Paul's portfolio is a veritable Who's Who of rock and roll infamy.

    • Alissa Everett


      Based in Nairobi, Alissa is known for creating beautiful images in the world's most troubled areas, focusing on dignity and humanity. She also founded and runs a nonprofit organization, Exposing Hope.

    • Brooke Shaden

      Fine Art Photographer

      Brooke Shaden is one of the world's best know fine art photographers. With her painterly techniques and square format, she is inspiring photographers around the world.

    • Sara Clausnitzer


      Photographer. Lover of Great Meals, Movies, Gadgets & Sarcasm.

    • Joao Carlos

      Fashion / Advertising

      Winner of the Hasselblad Masters in 2010, and one of the first Pro Team members ever to come on board, Joao Carlos is one of Portugal's most inspirational Exports.

    • Glyn Dewis


      Glyn Dewis is a Photographer, Retoucher and Best Selling Author from Oxford, UK, working with clients such as the BBC and SKY TV. 

      Glyn presents at Conferences around the World and is a regular contributor to Photography and Photoshop publications both in the UK and abroad and has also been featured in the New York Times.

    • Raico Rosenberg

      Landscape Photographer

      Avid user of filters instead of Photoshop, Raico is based in Tenerfie, Canary Islands.  Fluent in 5 languages, he runs workshops and tours in the islands of eternal spring.

    • Liam Lonsdale

      Adventure Photographer

      Liam specialises in shooting at locations that are almost impossible to get to. He thrives in environments that others shudder to even think about, especially if it involves time spent suspended a few hundred metres above the ground. 

    • Mandy Lea

      Landscape Photographer

      Mandy Lea is a nomadic photographer living full-time in her teardrop camper.  She aims to show people things that they don't normally get to see, to inspire them to do things they would not normally do.