3 Legged Thing BOOTZ Triple Pack - Dual Thread 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16


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3 Legged Thing Dual Threaded Bootz. Durable rubber over stainless steel 1/4" thread, with 3/8" sleeve adapter for ultimate compatibility, and synthetic rubber Stagsden Washers for a more secure fit. Suitable for almost all terrains and surfaces.

These Bootz are compatible with the following products only:

EVO 2*


Equinox Pro Tripods

Eclipse Pro Tripods

Punks Tripods

Alan Monopod

Trent Monopod

*Early EVO 2 and all previous generations have an 8mm thread size, and are not compatible with this product.


What's in the box?

3 x Durable Rubber Bootz with 1/4" stainless steel thread
3 x 3/8" sleeve thread adapters
3 x Synthetic Rubber Stagsden Washers

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