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The Team behind 3LT


The 3LT Team is made up of professional photographers from England, who, uninspired by the products available to them, decided to set up on their own.



Danny Lenihan - Chief Executive Officer

Danny began his career in 1990 at London News Service Press Agency in Exmouth Market, Farringdon. Danny went on to establish himself as a press photographer, eventually working for Reuters, Mirror Group Newspapers, News International, Press Association, Alpha, Big Pictures, Getty, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and Observer Group Newspapers.

In 1997 Danny's career took a different direction, when he fell in love with stand up comedy. He went on to establish himself as one of the UK's least sought after MC's, gigging around the world. A regular at The Comedy Store London & Manchester, Jongleurs across the UK, two European Tours, two US Tours, four films, hundreds of TV shows, and appearances at Edinburgh & New York Comedy Festivals. He's also known to spend the odd Sunday morning at London's Speakers Corner, spouting his deranged views to anyone who'll listen.

In the midst of all this, back in January 2005, Danny set up Elemental, so that he could best revisit his roots in photography. Over the next 6 years Elemental gained in reputation, winning awards from the world's media. In 2009, with help from his team at Elemental, Danny began to design and manufacture tripods for the UK market. Inspired by the success of his foray into tripods, Danny set up 3 Legged Thing, inviting all of his staff to invest their own money into the business, and become Directors of the fastest growing tripod brand in the world.

Dan's love of sculpture and the outdoors often manifests itself in impromptu human art installations in woodland clearings. The picture on the left shows him in his world famous homage to Auguste Rodin's 'The Thinker'.

Every November, Danny grows a moustache and goes on the road with his Chuckle Brothers Tribute act, with Operations Director Tim McEwan.

Want to know more? Dan Lenihan on Facebook or @DannyLenihan on Twitter


Sean Perry - Technical Director

Sean's interest in photography came from his father, who taught him developing and printing techniques when he was nine years old. While most of his friends were out on their skateboards, Sean was happy to mess around in a makeshift darkroom in the family kitchen. 

After leaving school, Sean had a brief spell in audio R&D where he met and worked with many major rock guitarists, including a couple that have since found their names appearing on 3LT tripods. He then went on to study polymer engineering at North London University which led to a long career in production and quality systems management.

Sean took a major career change when he decided to set up as a freelance photographer around 9 years ago. He went on to have work published in various UK magazines, and set up a car photography studio which was used by Volkswagen, Skoda and other manufacturers. 

Sean has broken every digital camera he's ever owned, and now shoots film exclusively.

Sean's background in composites engineering has led him to the role of Technical Director of 3LT, and he, along with Tim, manages the production process and quality control. It's mostly his fault.

Sean's out of hours activities include dynamic table-top pole vault, and Back To The future re-enactments. At any given moment, Sean's passion can result in a hastily proclaimed "one point twenty one jigawatts".


Gary Garber - Chief Financial Officer

Gary is the latest addition to the 3LT team. As an investor in young, innovative companies, and an enthusiastic photographer, Gary's interest was piqued when he discovered we were looking for external investment to push the brand further.

Gary really is a valuable commodity to the team, and the the UK economy. Together with the Directors, his plan is to bring manufacturing back to England, create jobs and give young British photographers, designers and engineers a platform on which to display their talents.

Gary's hobbies include competition fishmongery, and morris dancing.





Tim McEwan - Operations Director

Tim joined the team in 2010, after impressing us with his business acumen and engineering background. Tim spent 15 years in the food industry, running factory floors for multi national corporations. His attention to engineering integrity and product quality make him the perfect addition to the team.

In the summer, Tim was lucky enough to spend a few days on a project with Andy & Mikey of LightenUpAndShoot.com . Some of the images produced are stunning, and available to see up at the Chicken Shed.

Tim's passion and enthusiasm for naked, farm animal volleyball, is exceeded only by his ability in Bovine Hockey.

Tim likes nothing better than dressing up as historical characters that have inspired him in life and in his work ethic. Tim is under the impression that Superman is an historical character, which is indicative of his happy place and his general sense of hope and optimism for mankind. His favourite food is curry, and his favourite name is "Andrew".

Tim often says things that he wishes we hadn't written down for future reference, or posted on Facebook.

Despite his apparent size, Tim is actually a dwarf, and often hides in desk drawers, ready to leap out with a "boo!" 

Every November, Tim grows a moustache and goes on the road with his Chuckle Brothers tribute act, with CEO Danny Lenihan.