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British Design & Engineering

Our iconic styling is indicative of our British values, unequalled standards of engineering and world class design. From sketch to prototype, every facet of every component is meticulously designed to our uncompromising standards.


The most technologically advanced tripod system in the world.


Our flagship micro-travel tripod Leo was awarded BEST TRIPOD at the prestigious Lucie Technical Awards, held in New York City back in 2017. Since then, we have amended, updated, upgraded and beautified the entire Pro Range, making this award-winning tripod the very best in this category, on the planet.

Beautiful, inspirational, innovative, modular, ultra-functional and hyper-capable tripod systems.

Our message is clear - we bring multiple solutions to camera support technology, providing diverse abilities and capabilities within a single entity.

Rigidity & Stability.

Imagine a travel tripod system with load-bearing capabilities and the rigidity of a landscape tripod. The future is now.

Our core values are to create the most versatile and functional tripods on the planet, without compromising rigidity or stability. In our quest for the ultimate support system, we have created unparalleled mechanical stability. We use the highest, aerospace grade magnesium alloy for our working parts and 100% pure pre-preg carbon fibre.


Our Unique Artwork

Over the years we have commissioned artwork to illustrate our tripods,and to adorn our product packaging. Created by several very talented artists, we've gathered some of that artwork together here, for your enjoyment.

Our Technology

We design and engineer all of our products in the United Kingdom, and seek ways to innovate in order to create products that photographers love and want to use in their daily workflows. Follow the link to learn more.

  • British company with old fashion values. Rang Thursday at 1630. Needed a screw for my 3 Legged Thing Ellie-G Universal L-Bracket urgently as am going away on the following Monday. Two screws arrived on the Friday, (along with a free packet of sweets) free of charge. Try getting that level of service from Amazon or China.

    Andrew Collier - May 2022
    Trustpilot Review

  • Three Legged Tremendousness! I bought a "Brian" way back in January 2019, as I write this it's now March 2022. The tripod developed a faulty leg catch, probably when I fell off my bike. I lived with the problem for far too long and decided to get in touch with them to get the spare part. As it turns out that part isn't available as a stand alone. The whole upper canopy section needs to be replaced. I thought this was going to cost me quite a bit of money but customer services; without any input from me, fixed it so I could get it for free. This is above and beyond customer service.

    Balveda - Mar 2022
    Trustpilot Review

  • Don't worry about anything. This company puts high quality products along side superb customer care. I own and use a few products from 3LT and have always been more than happy with everything. After a few years of use I had a problem with my trusty tripod which has been everywhere with me. It has been in the sea and sand, in muddy rivers, up mountains and frozen solid. All I can say is that I was left speechless by the speed and generosity of the customer support.

    Craig - Dec 2021
    Trustpilot Review

  • Purchased a 'Mike' tripod, excellent piece of kit and the customer support from this company is second to none.

    Martin Salmon - July 2021
    Google Review

  • Faultless service with after sales and great quality products.

    Andy Parslow - April 2021
    Google Review

  • I have just received my Leo 2.0 tripod and to say I am pleased is an understatement. I feel like I've found the holy grail - a tripod that is compact enough to use for travel and landscapes and yet has an amazing load capacity of 30kg to take my biggest lens for wildlife. It looks super cool too. I am so impressed.

    Bryan Moiser - Feb 2021 
    Google Review

  • I have a 5 year old Brian tripod. One of the rubber grips on a leg lock had split. I emailed 3 Legged Thing and within minutes, received a reply. They located my original order to identify the exact tripod and sent out a complete replacement leg lock with new grip which I received the following day. Oh and by the way, free of charge. That's what I call customer service!

    Simon Lane - Oct 2020
    Google Review


  • I just received my Punks Billy Tripod after having a Manfrotto for the last 10 years. On first impression I am very, very impressed. The build quality is superb and you know right away that you have made the right choice in buying this tripod. Any other make to get this sort of quality and you could probably and another £300 or more to the price.

    Barry Turner - Aug 2020
    Google Review


  • I've got two 3LT tripods - Billy and Winston 2.0 - as well as Zelda and Zayla (their excellent custom l-brackets for the Z50 and Z6/7) and a few footwear accessories. All are superb quality and very well made. Top British company with a great sense of humour.

    Sean Chapman - Jul 2020
    Google Review


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