Fujifilm Cameras

Below we have examples of Fujifilm cameras fitted with our QR11-L universal bracket. This is the standard bracket size.

If you want to use a battery grip on your camera, we suggest our QR11-FBC or FBG.

On the XT1 the battery doors is impeded and requires bracket removal to access. The XT2 is a much better fit, and with a little adjustment enables access to both cable doors and battery. The screen is not impeded in either case.

Whilst the QR11 appears incompatible with the X Pro 1, on the X Pro 2 it sits beautifully, but does impede battery access unless offset.

Whilst the QR11 fits well on the XT20, both cable and battery doors are impeded.

Whilst not designed for medium format cameras, the QR11 is surprisingly effective on the GFX, but does impede both battery and cable door access.

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