Nikon Cameras

Below we have examples of Nikon cameras fitted with our QR11-L universal bracket. This is the standard bracket size.

If you have a larger, full body camera (D3, D4, D5 etc), or want to use a battery grip on your camera, we suggest our QR11-FBC or FBG.

The Nikon D5300 requires the QR11 to be slightly offset to enable access to battery and cable doors. The screen may also be impeded when open.

On the D7200, the QR11 enables access to both the battery door, and with a slight shift out from the body (see image), the cables doors too.

The Nikon D810 fits the QR11 so well, that access is enabled for both battery and cable doors.

On the DF, the cable and battery doors have full access when QR11 is slightly offset from the left edge. A great pairing.

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